5 Reasons DISSENSION is better than TWILIGHT



I recently snatched up an advance copy of Adrienne Monson’s vampire novel, DISSENSION. Those who know me will raise an eyebrow at that, because I’m a huge critic of vampire novels (even though I have seen every Twilight movie made…don’t judge me).  I couldn’t help but compare DISSENSION to Stephanie Meyer’s take on vampires, and I’ve decided that DISSENSION is a better read for five reasons:

#1: Leisha could beat up Bella any day. And probably Edward, too.

Leisha the vampire loathes herself, but it doesn’t stop her from getting what she wants. Yes, she’s pretty, and the guys love her–at least, until they realize their mistake. But unlike whiny, teenage Bella, Leisha is a kick-butt survivor who doesn’t need a man to feel complete. She also feels more realistic with a deep inner strength AND human-like weakness, and it’s a refreshing combination.

#2: A rich, fascinating vampire history

The history of vampires in TWILIGHT fell flat for me. I wanted to know more about how they had come about and what it meant for the human race. In this area, DISSENSION delivers. I loved the African culture references as well as Leisha’s former life, which made her pain all the more real. 

#3: Immortals vs. Vampires

DISSENSION also brought in a new element, the Immortals, who are sworn to destroy the vampire race. Throw in a love interest, and you get a really captivating story. It was nice to get away from the werewolves and into a more plausible conflict between two very old and equally powerful races.

#4: DISSENSION has better action.

I often skip the action scenes in books, because I’ve trained for years in martial arts and nothing so far has seemed realistic. Stephanie Meyer’s “rip off their heads and burn them” fights got old really quick for me. Adrienne Monson at least changed the action scenes up, and they felt more emotional and urgent. And one thing to note: 

No glittering vampires.

#5: The underlying theme of DISSENSION is more meaningful.

TWILIGHT is basically a love story, no matter how you look at it. It has elements of other things thrown in there, but that’s the substance of it. DISSENSION has more of the human story in its themes of sacrifice and betrayal. It is the heart-wrenching, down-to-earth and gritty tale of a woman who fights for what she believes is right–even if it means fighting against herself.

DISSENSION comes out February 23rd. You can find it wherever books and ebooks are sold. Thanks for Jolly Fish Press for the advance copy, and I wish Adrienne Monson the best of luck!



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